TIP for testing a website before changing DNS records

A useful tip to use when transferring a website and testing the transfer before changing your DNS is to edit the local hosts file. First, you want to get the IP address of the destination. Locate your local hosts file in Windows: Go to the last line and first add your IP and then the domain name of the website with and without www. So, for example, it would be:

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LearnDash customer access list from WooCommerce orders

LearnDash by default is not backward compatible with completed orders from WooCommerce and associating them with products. If you changed your content delivery of your learning platform and ran into this issue, I found a rough solution. First, build a simple connection to your database Next, we will want to find the orders IDs of all the orders with a status of “completed” from WooCommerce. WooCommerce changes the post_status of the shop_order post in wp_posts to “wc-completed”. This will return a

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